Top 4 Casino Companies

Casino Companies

For investors in gambling world, knowing several top casino companies may give them an opportunity to increase their income. Besides, it will help them to know what types of gambling games which recently become the most favorite for gamblers. In gamblers point of view, it is also important to know which casino that can give them an excitement. Here are 5 top casino companies in the world.

1.      Monarch Casino and Resort

This casino company is located in Reno, Nevada and it has 51,000 square of gaming space. According to some surveys, this company has 33 percent in earning per sharing growth. This company becomes popular, because the place is designed in tropical theme resort.

2.     Shuffle master Inc.

This company is not operating gaming facilities because it concerns in producing machine for casinos. It produces high technology machine for gambling like touch screen card playing tables and shuffling machines.

3.     Full House Resorts

Full house resort has several branches in Nevada, Michigan, Oregon, Delaware, South Dakota and New Jersey. It provides gaming project which can invite the gambler lovers to play their favorite gambling such as poker, slot machine, etc.

4.     Penn National Gaming

This company is based in Pennsylvania which also has 19 separate gaming sites throughout the US. This company is known among the gamblers because it can be easily found in some states in America.

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