Several Types of Online Poker

Several Types of Online Poker

Playing a poker game while you are gambling actually need some special skill. Since it requires you to understand how to play poker game, it is also important to know several types of poker games. In gambling of course you don’t want to loose much money when you are betting. Here are several types of poker gambling that you should master in order to obtain victory.

1.     Texas Hold’ Em

In this game, each player has two cards and they must deal with it.  They should make the bet around the table.  There are 3 community cards which dealt as “Flop”. When round of betting occurs, there is one “turn” card dealt. Then another round betting occurs and the “river” card is dealt. The remaining player which has best five cards will be declared as the winner.

2.     Multi table tournament

This kind of game is played by multiple people in one time. This game can be played for several hours and the amount of money as a prize is depend on how many people are joining the tournament.

3.     Bounty Tournaments

This game is played by eliminating your opponent player. For example, if the bounty you played is cost $1 and you can eliminate three people you will win $3 from your eliminated opponent.

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