Online Gambling Problems


Advances in wireless broadband technology and the world have been meeting closer than ever. Now almost everything is possible in the commercial network, grabbing business transactions, social networking, and even game, once a favorite pastime of men. the online gambling emerged in the early part of the 1990s and has become an instant hit, with an estimated 3,000 online sites on the net today. It is the very radical game industry and has been responsible for all ages. However, like the land version, including Internet gambling it is fraught with problems. addiction problems apply in the online world as well.

What is problem gambling?

Problem gambling is the impulse control disorder that leads to a major disruption in all areas of life: psychological, social, professional or physical. It also includes a stage play “pathological” or “compulsive.” Problem gambling is characterized by increased concern about gambling. They have the need to invest money more often and becoming restless or irritable, if someone tries to stop. generally they are aware mounting in question, serious, negative, but stay out of the bet to be the most difficult for them.

problems with online gambling is a manifestation of the problem. However, one study has shown that people who enjoy gambling addiction problems online are more severe than those using a lottery or play a slot machine. problems with online gambling is growing due to the explosive growth of the Internet.

The causes that led to the Internet Gambling

people or the privacy and anonymity of the Internet space has been led to gambling without hesitation.

o Easy accessibility of online games on the Internet has led people to spend more time in the game.

o working in Internet most of the time you can easily take advantage of online games. This gradually causes addiction.

Signs of problem gambling

or gambling time than anticipated.

or gambling until the last penny is spent.

o Use of income or saving to play, while unpaid bills.

Borrowing money or continuously to fund their gaming needs.

Ignoring or family responsibilities.

Stoop or steal, cheat or sell household goods to get money in the game.

Gamble or hoping that it will solve the financial crisis or even recover losses.

o Reduces feelings of depression.

o They can easily set up a gambling account, and there are several forms of gambling – the right of traditional gambling, casinos, lotteries and bingo. All this makes gambling online is very interesting.

o There is no time limit and without a supervisor, a person can go play 24 hours a day.

or When playing, there is a perception of deterioration of cash and players often they forget that they are playing with cash.

the online gambling and its effects

Although many believe that legalizing gambling entertainment is only dangerous, but people who have been affected by it and the result of continuous research has deviated from its deceptive nature. In fact, it has been considered to cause more harm than playing in a live casino building. Health and emotional difficulties associated with gambling disorders, including depression, circulatory diseases, substance abuse and even sexual risk behavior. Recent studies have concluded that online gambling is essentially composed of the younger participants unmarried and in people who never played. Contrary to the fact that the Internet is associated with higher levels of education and higher income strata, research shows that those addicted to online players belonging to the lowest levels of education and income. Online gambling is one of the fastest growing addiction to cancel today’s youth.

American Psychological Association (APA) conducted a study in which they found that 74% of online gamblers are problematic or pathological gamblers. Among these, the groups most at risk are teenagers. problem gamblers spend more money line in online gambling sites on the number of lower drug costs. Slightly worse than gambling online is anonymity. Previously, a person had to go to a gambling house to fulfill his desire to play and everyone knows how you’re doing or how much is lost. But now, you just enter your office or bedroom and there already are their savings in the air, and no one has a smell. soft regulatory measures of the online gaming industry only added to the problem.

Treatment for online gambling problem

Those who are addicted to gambling online should take the following measures to prevent and overcome the problem. It is very important to remember the responsibility of the entire treatment process is, above all, with you. You have to wake up and take control, before reaching the point of no return. The first step is always the hardest and once you can handle; the rest will be a breeze of air.

o Be honest with yourself and accept your problem.

or manage your money and keep track of the amount you spend. Players have to remember to spend only what they can afford to lose. losses pursue only lead to greater spiral.

or postpone its momentum game. The next time you want to play, watch a movie or out to dinner. Sudoku game away his mind gambling for a while.

o When you have free time, enjoy recreational or gambling.

or use the software to block access to gambling sites and is password protected. You do not have to know the password.

o Get professional help as soon as possible.

Online gambling problems can affect anyone. We must be aware of the gambling behavior of a person. There are many examples of problems with the bloody game that should serve as an eye opener for the affected. Every form of addiction is a choice. It became a disease due to loss of control. Talk with your near and dear ones. Help is never far away. A valuable life is all you have, and it would be absurd to try to ruin even a second of it through unnecessary problems.

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