Basic Rules of BlackJack


Many gambling lovers considered Black Jack as their favorite casino card games for several reasons. It is fun, challenging, and also only take several minutes to learn the basic strategy. Before you heading to casino and play black jack, you can inform yourself with several rules in black jack card game.

Black Jack is a game where the players play against dealer. Basically this game require you to get as close as you can to 21 and you cannot go above it. Each player has two cards on their hand. You will be considered as the winner if your cards are better than the dealer’s. One basic rule to make you win is you should get a black jack card by making 21 with your first two cards.

Actually there are mathematical system which will make you win this game and you can get as close as 21 such as, if you have cards with number 11 or less you can directly hit, or if you have 17 or higher you should keep your card until the dealer hit their card. And the last, if you have 12 and the dealer has two or three number in his card you should hit the card before the dealer stand.

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